Principal Tiffany Cook
Principals Message

“Every kid, every day” At Simmons, we believe this is our job. I am so proud of the Simmons staff and everyone that is part of the wonderful things happening behind our blue doors. It is an honor to have the opportunity to lead our students, staff, and families. I stand for independence and opportunity for ALL kids. I believe in giving kids the right to rise above their circumstances. I stand for empowering teachers with knowledge and guidance to build relationships and successful citizens.

With these beliefs, and an incredibly dedicated and qualified staff, we know that teaching the whole child is part of our job. This is why we include Social Emotional Learning as part of our daily instruction. We know each child deserved balanced and responsive literacy instruction, including phonics, vocabulary instruction, independent reading, reading at their instructional level, access to grade level text and above, access to books and multimedia that are culturally responsive, and explicit writing instruction. We know that readers become successful adults and critical thinkers about text so we make extra attempts to make books accessible to all students. We know the importance of families having conversations in their native language and reading together. Students also deserve exposure to hands on learning about numbers, problem solving, critical thinking, 21st century technology skills, learning to collaborate effectively, and about the world we live in today as well as our past. We value the differences and grit of our families, and look forward to helping students be successful and productive citizens.

At Simmons, it’s pretty simple. Every kid, every day.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work with and love your students each day. Please contact me if you ever have questions or concerns, or just want to let me know what a great job your child’s teacher is doing making sure your child knows they are loved and that learning is important.

Tiffany Cook, Simmons Principal

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